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With Brunca Rent a Car you can discover the natural wonders of Costa Rica…

850 species of birds, more than the United States and Canada combined…

300 of the most beautiful beaches in the world…

200 species of mammals…

67 volcanoes of which 6 are active…

Some of the most stunning jungles in the world…

25% of Costa Rica’s total land mass is protected, the largest percentage of any country in the world.

At Brunca Rent a Car we understand that our clients are the heart of our company. Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. This is why we offer different types of "Coverages", which can accommodate to each and every one of our clients' needs.

Coverages do not apply to personal objects loss/theft or in case of negligence.

SLC - Supplemental Limited Coverage

This coverage can only be purchased if your credit card provides insurance for car rental  in Costa Rica that covers (a) direct damage to the car rental, and (b) car theft or total loss of the car rental (c) covers all persons who will be driving the vehicle. To purchase this coverage it is necessary to provide us with written evidence of the coverage and its validation in Costa Rica. If you decide to use your Credit Card Insurance please know that our LDW coverage will become optional but the SLC will become MANDATORY.

This coverage provides the client with a $0.00 deductible in case of Third Party Damage.

Brunca Rent a Car firmly advise you to contact your credit card company before making the rental and ask them to provide you with written details/proof of your coverage and whether your policy extends to all persons who will be driving the rental vehicle, how much liability is covered in case of an outside party is injured in an accident, and whether the type of vehicle you are renting is included under your contract. Brunca Rent a Car will not accept a credit card insurance without written proof, and our company reserves the right to accept or decline any Credit Card Insurance plans.

When use your credit card protection, a hold of US$1.500 will be made to your credit card at the time of the rental.

SLC does not apply for windows and tires.

LDW - Limited Damage Waiver

This is a basic coverage and it is mandatory in Costa Rica. It limits the client’s responsibility (regardless whose fault it is) that in case of an accident, rollover, crash and damage to the rented vehicle, the Lessee covers the totality of the damages to the rented vehicle. In case of total loss or car theft (this coverage does not include theft of personal belongings) the customer is responsible for 50% of the value of the rented vehicle according to market value. It contemplates damages to third party property and civil liability for injury and deaths of third parties.

An amount between $1,000.00 and $3,000.00. will be withheld from your credit card as security deposit at the time of making the rental of the vehicle. 

LDW does not apply to windows and tires.

TP-0 - Third Party-0 Deductible

TP-0 offers an additional option to the LDW, because in Third Party Damage the deductible will be $0.00. In case of direct damage, car theft and total loss, the deductibles will be the same as in LDW.

A hold of US$1000 will be made to your credit card at the time of the rental.

TP-0 does not apply to windows and tires.

W&T - Windows and Tires

Tire prices in Costa Rica are quite high. Prices range from $150 up to $350 per tire. By purchasing the windows and tires coverage for only $5.00 per day, our clients can drive worry free if something should happen to the tires (flats or damages to the rubbers). This coverage does not include damage made to the wheels.

MC - Maximum Coverage (SLC/LDW/TP-0/W&T):

Explore our beautiful Costa Rica worry free by purchasing our Maximum Coverage. $0.00 deductibles in case of direct damage, vandalism, car theft, total loss, third party damage (liability), and additional risks.

A hold of US$1000 will be made to your credit card at the time of the rental.

Requirements to validate any coverage:

  • To fully comply with our Terms and Conditions and the Rental Agreement.
  • To report any incident to the Car Rental immediately.
  • In case of an accident when a third party was involved, you must not move the vehicle, not even to the side road, until the traffic police officer arrives and inspects the vehicle.
  • Provide us with all the original documentation given by the transit police officer in case a third party was involved in the incident or accident.
  • Provide us with all original documentation given by the insurance company agent.
  • Provide us with the personal statement of the corresponding Transit Court.

Coverages do not apply to personal objects loss/theft or in case of negligence, and In order to validate any coverage you must fully comply with our Terms & Conditions and Rental Agreement.

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